How often should I visit Royal Family Dental?

For most patients, we recommend twice-yearly visits for cleanings and examinations. Patients that have good oral health may not be at as much risk for problems such as cavities or gum disease. When the risk is lower, there is not a crucial need to visit Royal Family Dental more than twice a year.

Depending on your particular situation, however, we might recommend that you see the dentists at Royal Family Dental more than twice a year. For those patients who have been diagnosed with gum disease, for instance, deep cleanings might be required every few months to help keep gums as healthy as possible. If you have gum disease, we'll develop a plan that is appropriate to maximize your good oral health.

In addition to regular visits, any questions or concerns about your teeth should never go ignored. For example, if you experience any tooth or gum pain that doesn’t seem to go away or gets worse, you will want to schedule an appointment with us. You should also visit us at Royal Family Dental if you have red, swollen gums that bleed easily, a sore in your mouth that doesn’t heal, extreme sensitivity to hot, cold or pressure, a filling falls out, your restoration feels off, you have dry mouth or you have clicking noises or pain in your jaw.

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